UPDATE: Hints of S4: E2 Reveal During CES?

UPDATE: Hints of S4: E2 Reveal During CES?

by January 5, 2012

Is Balough Bluffing, or Hinting?

You may have read that Sega plans a special souped-up version of Sonic 4: Episode II for Nvidia’s upcoming Tegra 3 mobile processor.  It’s expected to be among the major industry pushes at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show.  Given how both Sega and NVIDIA are promoting the partnership, it’s led some to speculate whether we could see Episode 2 turn up next week, at least as a proof of concept for the GPU manufacturer’s latest and greatest.

What Sonic 4 brand manager Ken Balough said today on the Sega forums will no doubt fuel the speculation:

Rumor has it NVidia is doing a keynote address at CES 2012 next week – may be worth checking out. And since my Birthday is Jan 9th – the day CES starts…..

Here’s the problem: We checked the current CES schedule, and no one from Nvidia appears scheduled to deliver a keynote, or even be part of the many conferences that will take place during the week.

That’s not to say it won’t happen–or that the game couldn’t show up as a tech demo behind closed doors–but given how both Balough and then Sega community manager Kellie Parker began kidding around with forumers afterward, bouncing off that original idea, the prospects look less than likely at this point.  Also noteworthy is the lack of nearly any Sega presence at the show the past several years. We’ll let you know if it does turn up.

UPDATE: Something did turn up, though it’s not necessarily the keynote address Balough referred to.  Nvidia will be doing its own thing, holding a press conference on Monday at 7PM ET.  The presser will be streamed live online via CNet.  It may bear watching…so that’s what we’ll do Monday evening.  If we see something, you’ll see it here.