Sonic Retro in Complete SOPA Protest Shutdown

Sonic Retro in Complete SOPA Protest Shutdown

by January 18, 2012

“SOPA and PIPA directly threaten Sonic Retro”

Administrators of Sonic Retro have elected to completely deny access to the entire site’s contents today as part of an Internet-wide protest against the pending Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act legislation in the US Congress.

“SOPA and PIPA directly threaten Sonic Retro,” reads a statement on the site’s page today.  The statement also claims infers Sonic Retro deserves much of the credit for Sega’s renaissance of the Sonic franchise of late.

“Sega has even admitted that we (Sonic Retro) are a crucial part of their public work, and the reason we have that role is that we enjoy the freedom to work in ways that a company cannot. You like Sonic CD? You like the Sonic Generations documentary? You like Sega not messing up its own canon? You’re welcome.”

Despite those high points, Sonic Retro, and in particular its forum, was also the staging area for the complete video leak of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I back in 2010.  While no administrator was directly responsible for the leaks, a lack of due diligence led to mayhem across the entire site and even a temporary ban on Sonic 4 discussion while the matter was sorted.  The forum continues to be a key location to download complete soundtrack and OST rips from recent Sonic games.

The statement, however, infers behavior like that simply would lead to a complete site shutdown with SOPA or PIPA enabled.

“Even if a company is OK with a ‘violator’ of SOPA or PIPA existing, the problem with these bills lies in that the burden of proof is placed on ISPs, not copyright owners or “violators.” So, much like DMCA requests run amok nowadays, if an ISP feels that a site might be violating the law, they have to proactively take it down from their system. You can see where major issues would arise.”

Sonic Retro had only confirmed the complete blackout an hour before via the website’s Twitter feed.

Retro joins other sites like Sonic Stadium and TSSZ affiliate in staging protests against the legislation today.  TSS will begin its SOPA protest later today.  As was stated in our previous article about the Sonic Stadium, TSSZ has elected not to participate in any protest today.  While we understand the ramifications such legislation, if enacted, could have on a site such as this one, we also believe it is in everyone’s best interest to report the day’s events and keep you informed on the larger issue from start to finish, rather than outright participate.