Video: Lebron Sonic Fan Film MAGFest Panel Recording Released

Video: Lebron Sonic Fan Film MAGFest Panel Recording Released

by January 19, 2012

May Release–and Longer Duration–Confirmed

We’ve been waiting a bit to hear of new details from the Sonic fan film panel at MAGFest earlier this month.  Our first glimpse of what occurred, it turns out, comes from the production company behind the film itself.

A truncated 43 minute video recording of Eddie Lebron and company addressing panelists at the show has been released.  In it, you’ll hear, among other things, remarks on actor deliberations for the film, and the firm no comment on discussions they may have had with Sega regarding the film.  The big information to come out of this is Lebron’s current goal to release the movie sometime in May, with official confirmation coming next month.  The crew continues to hope the finished product, currently expected to clock in near half an hour, can be used as a spec, to take it to another level.

“We’re going for a feature,” Lebron said in the panel.

What you won’t see, however, was the new video and material Lebron and company showed at the panel itself.  That was omitted from the Youtube recording, and given how the panel was not even halfway filled, only a few dozen lucky folks had the opportunity to have a look.

Still, Blue Core Studios appears ready to knock some socks off in the next several weeks as production on the fan film draws closer to completion.  Take a look at their released panel recording below, and tell us what you think below in the comments.  Thanks to Sonikdude101 for tipping us.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us by clicking Send Tips at the top of every page.