Sega reveals Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art

Sega reveals Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art

by January 20, 2012

A familiar marketing cycle begins anew

Those of you who can remember what it was like for Sonic 4: Episode 1 (which I assume is all of you) most likely have a pretty clear memory of the circus of hype surrounding that game. Likely aiming to recapture the frenzy, Sega seems to be retracing its footsteps with Episode 2, with vague teaser trailers, logo reveals, and now “Concept Art Fridays“. As the name implies, every Friday, a new piece of Sonic 4: Episode 2 concept art will be posted on the official Sega blog, with a bonus piece of concept art being posted on Sonic’s Facebook page.

This week kicks off with what looks to be the spinning wheel objects from Sonic 3‘s Marble Garden Zone, in addition to our first look at one of Episode 2‘s badniks.

What do you guys think? Are you ready for Sega to wind the hype machine up so tightly again? Sound off in the comments.