Archie Comics Co-CEO sues other Co-CEO

Archie Comics Co-CEO sues other Co-CEO

by January 21, 2012

Trouble is brewing at the Sonic comic publisher

Over at CBR they have an article on the latest lawsuit in what seems to be an ongoing battle for control at Archie Comics between co-CEOs Jonathan Goldwater and Nancy Silberkleit.

To sum up what’s going on: Nancy Silberkleit, once a third grade art teacher, inherited a 50% stake in Archie Comics back in 2008 from her deceased husband (Michael Silberkleit), one of the original founders of Archie Comics. Since then, Nancy Silberkleit has been allegedly causing nothing but problems for the company; in July of last year, Jonathan Goldwater sought to curb what he felt was offensive, destructive, and abusive behavior from Silberkleit towards Archie Comics employees.

Goldwater won his injunction against Silberkleit, as in the Judge’s own words “if, in fact, Ms. Silberkleit stays, the company will probably be destroyed, which she doesn’t seem to care.” Despite this motion to limit how much jurisdiction she has over the future of Archie Comics, Goldwater’s latest lawsuit alleges that Silberkleit has ignored the original court order and continues her abusive relationship with the company. If something is not done soon, the lawsuit states “the company will suffer irreparable damage and may indeed face dissolution.”

The ramifications are obvious: all of Archie’s 19 comic books would all be immediately dissolved and cease publication, including their Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man series.

Though Nancy Silberkleit has not commented on this latest lawsuit against her, she went on record last year to state that Jonathan Goldwater was a chauvinist who was merely trying to push her out in order to “gain complete corporate control of the company.” That being said, according to the NY Daily News, even Silberkleit’s own step-children are seeking to find ways to strip her of the power she’s inherited.

More as it happens.