The News, Reviewed: January 16-22

The News, Reviewed: January 16-22

by January 23, 2012

The week in news

Last week exploded into life when anti-SOPA and PIPA protests happened across the internet. We also gained new information on future releases SEGA could be making, along with the beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II‘s marketing strategy. Below are the day-by-day breakdowns of what happened last week.




  • SOPA protests began with Sonic Stadium confirming that they would be blacking out in protest to the controversial bill
  • New screenshots from the latest Olympic Games title for the Nintendo 3DS were released
  • Sonic Retro’s blackout went live, which was greeted with positive responses and was emphatic in its message against the controversial bills
  • As we were still live and running, Solus wrote an articulate and persuasive feature about the bills and the blackouts
  • On the same day of the protests, co-sponsors began to withdraw support from the bills. Senator Marco Rubio was the first to change his position
  • For those of you who missed them (somehow), we rounded up the major protests that were happening across the web
  • The day finished with news on two demos: for the 3DS, the latest Olympic Games title in the series was announced as having demo on January 26. For PC players, a demo of Sonic Generations on Steam went live.



  • We began to finish the week with TSSZ Fan Fridays returning, featuring Black2s0ul and a couple of the fan’s animations
  • We hoped it wouldn’t happen, but it did: SEGA began to follow the same teasing process as Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I by releasing three new pictures of concept art.


  • The weekend also had some news for us. First, we reported a legal battle ensuing between Co-CEOs of Archie Comics
  • We also heard rumours that there was potentially a new Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing title on the way (check out the link to Ryan’s review in the post if you haven’t already)