Stealth clarifies: Sonic Megamix not dead

Stealth clarifies: Sonic Megamix not dead

by January 27, 2012

Project still in development despite Tweaker’s absence

Since it’s announcement and popularization, former Sonic Retro Admin “SonicTweaker” has been a front man of sorts for the romhack Sonic Megamix, leading many to believe he was the sole proprietor of the project. An effort was made to bring to light the many other members of the project that worked behind the scenes, but many still associated Tweaker with Megamix. Given yesterday’s story regarding Tweaker’s departure from Sonic Retro, co-founder of Sonic Megamix and Project Lead Stealth took the opportunity to clear up some confusion regarding the status of the project:

I am posting today to say that, despite speculation that I have seen trying to kick up to the contrary, Megamix has not been and will not be cancelled

Progress has been made slowly since the last public “release”, and even still over the last week. No member has presently expressed any desire to abandon the project, all meaning that we still have an in-tact team that is willing to push forward

Sonic Megamix is very much a team project- all of Team Megamix have made significant contributions to its development. We are all proud of what we have done with it, and we, more than anyone, deserve to see it completed and enjoyed by its fans

As for concern I had seen arise before, my leadership is absolutely nothing new, nor was it the first time it came up. I have had as strong of an influence on this project since the beginning of “Team Megamix” as I do today, and my intent has always been that the finished product be both enjoyable and as near to professional quality as possible. The rest of the team will work with me, and I with them, to make sure that happens

I should note that this is a statement, not an opening to debate. Given the volatile nature of the situation, I feel it in the best interest of the project and our team members to have made it as soon as possible. The project, in general, is obviously open for public discussion by nature, but please consider this specific matter closed

As with yesterday’s story regarding the removal of Tweaker from Sonic Retro, we will be disabling comments on this article in an ongoing effort to respect the wishes of current Sonic Retro staff.