New Sonic Megamix Stage Video, Website Released

New Sonic Megamix Stage Video, Website Released

by January 31, 2012

Peek at “City Outskirts Zone” Inside

The remaining members of Team Megamix opened a new website and released a new video from the game over the weekend.  The moves further quelled fears as to the fate of the long running and long dormant Sonic Megamix fan project since one of its founders was allegedly turned in on suspicion of child sex abuse last week.

We have the video of City Outskirts zone below, following project lead Stealth‘s remarks on it.  To complement the video, an entire independent website also opened, in part to clear “the confusion as to who Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix should be credited to,” according to the site.  It features zone and story details, moves planned for each character, and more.

To instil even more confidence over Megamix’s continuing development, here’s a playthrough of the current in-progress version of City Outskirts Zone for you to get a load of, including the new graphical design and some new objects by MarkeyJester, new layout by Robjoe, and CD audio by Geckoyamori. You may also note the new presentation design for Titlecard, HUD, Monitors, and Starposts by Cinossu.

This particular level currently isn’t exactly long enough for my taste, but that’s because it also isn’t complete; It terminates where the boss arena was built based on the previous release. It does provide a taste of the overall design, though, as well as hints of Robjoe’s much improved layout skill, with my hasty playthrough contributing to not giving TOO much away.

You may have noticed I said “boss”. You may also notice what happens at the end of the video. Yes, that clearly indicates one of 5 existing brand-new bosses by jman, which itself is roughly 85% complete, and yes, that is our brand-new, 100%-complete CD boss tune by Verse. No, I’m not presently going to totally spoil either one of them for you.