Sega Confirms 1.63 Million Copies of Generations Sold in 2011

Sega Confirms 1.63 Million Copies of Generations Sold in 2011

by February 3, 2012

But M&S 2012 on Wii the Better Performer

Minutes ago, Sega Sammy released its third quarter earnings report.  It turns out and our end-of-year guesstimate stemming from those unofficial numbers wasn’t far off at all.

Officially, Sega Sammy reports a total of 1.63 million copies of Sonic Generations were sold worldwide through the end of 2011.  That number is a combined figure for XBOX 360, 3DS, PC, and Playstation 3 across all regions.  January sales figures are not included in the figure; the tally only runs through December 31st.

For reference, VGChartz estimated 1.5 million copies were sold worldwide through Christmas Eve.  From that, we pegged the end-of-year figure to be in the 1.6-1.7 million range.

That number, while strong on the surface, is actually somewhat disappointing on comparison.  Consider that Sonic Colors, which was released only to Nintendo Wii and DS, officially racked up 1.85 million copies sold in the same time period during 2010–and that was with one to two weeks less of sale in some regions, compared to Generations.

Also disheartening to an extent is the comparison of this number to the official number to Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which through December 31 was only on Wii.  (It still is until next week.)  Sega officially says 2.39 million copies of that game were sold worldwide through December 31st, and again keep in mind M&S 2012 released 1-2 weeks after Generations in most territories.

We’ll have a full breakdown of the numbers from Sega Sammy’s Q3 report later today.  On first glance, there are some bright spots, but where Consumer Business is concerned, the numbers were not great.