M&S 2012 3DS JP Site Updates, Reveals Main Events

M&S 2012 3DS JP Site Updates, Reveals Main Events

by February 6, 2012

Several Movies Included

If you can’t wait for the release of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on Nintendo 3DS later this week and next week, let Nintendo’s Japanese web presence for the game spoil it all for you.

The website updated with details on more than 50 Olympic events included in-game, with demonstration movies included for many of them.  Many of the events have already been seen in screenshots, but there are a few notable additions like BMX cycling, several swimming variants, target shooting, table tennis, and more.  You can check out the info here.

Dabbido, who tipped us off to this information, also tells us embedded within the site is a cutscene from the 3DS version’s story mode.  We thank Dabbido for tipping us to this information.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us.  Click Send Tips at the top of every page, or tip us on Twitter.