Naka Debunks Alleged Sonic 1 Prototype Video

Naka Debunks Alleged Sonic 1 Prototype Video

by February 10, 2012

Third Video Release Seals the Deal for Sonic Creator

After a clash between Sonic researchers chipping away at inconsistencies within them and Sonic’s key creator affording legitimacy to that debate, Yuji Naka has again taken to Twitter to assure fans the alleged Sonic 1 prototype videos are not authentic.

You may remember Mr. Naka posted remarks to his Twitter page earlier in the week, and based on the initial video release by Youtube user TheNek0san, appeared to lean toward the discovery being real.  But when subsequent videos were uploaded, and more inconsistencies were found by fans in the research community, Mr. Naka ultimately sided with those fans.

“Apparently, the prototype of Sonic 1 on which I wrote the other day, turned out to be false,” said Mr. Naka via a proper translation posted to Spanish website Sonic Paradise.  “But it’s a shame, I was glad to think that he had found a ROM lost 21 years ago. This person will have seen the video of Sonic the Toy Show and then modified the Sonic 1.”

In a subsequent Tweet, Mr. Naka fully retracted his original beliefs based on a third video uploaded by TheNek0san, which showed credits in plain view on startup, and a “You are Welcome” graphic in the stage that not only appeared different from grainy, original screenshots more than 20 years ago, but also appeared tacked on after many researchers questioned the legitimacy of a previous release based on the sign not existing.

“….By looking at this we know to be false,” Mr. Naka said.  “Staff has the name of Kanji characters hiding in the official product. This time it was hidden because it was totally unnecessary.”

It is not clear whether TheNek0san will reveal him or herself in light of the evidence against the videos.  Already, many fans have expressed outrage toward the perpetrator for the purported hoax, though some have credited TheNek0san for perhaps producing a clever hack.