Balough: Only One Zone in S4:E2 a “Throwback”

Balough: Only One Zone in S4:E2 a “Throwback”

by February 13, 2012

Brand Manager Hints at “Really Cool Unveilings This Month”

On Friday afternoon, in response to some concerns that recent concept art reveals for Sonic 4: Episode II were leaning toward the next chapter being as unimaginative as the first, brand manager Ken Balough said on the Sega forums only one of the game’s upcoming zones will be recycled fare.

“Ep II [….] has new Zones that we hope will keep people happy,” Balough said.  “In fact there is only (1) zone that is a genuine throwback – but that actually is more how the story unveils than anything else. ”

Balough added that a major reveal was possibly in the cards for later in the month, with our first good look coming “sooner than you think,” in his words.

“We have some really cool unveilings this month,” Balough added.

But Balough also admitted that, after 20 years of Sonic, there can be only so many new areas concocted for new games.

“The reality is that after 20 years of games, it’s super easy to say something is a re-hash; becouse [sic] there are only a limited number of terrain types in the world,” Balough said.  “If we do a ‘Cave’ enviroment [sic], people will say ‘oh that’s like, Mystic Cave zone or Crystal Cave’ or if it’s a African enviroment [sic] people will say its a rehash of Savannh [sic] Citadel, etc. You get the idea.”

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