The News, Reviewed: February 12-19

The News, Reviewed: February 12-19

by February 19, 2012

Sonic 4: Episode II is happening, apparently

Apologies for those of you wondering why TNR has been missing: a combination of work and wanting to move this to Sundays caused the delay. I was contemplating calling this ‘The Sunday Digest’ but decided to stay consistent. Anyway, it’s back, and here’s the week in news on TSSZ:


• According to Kotaku the next Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing game is in the works, with branding for it at the New York Toy Fair being shown off


• While Archie’s legal battles continue, and we potentially contemplate the Archie comics not being in existence, 53% of TSSZ readers would still like the comic to continue elsewhere

• Ken Balough said only one zone would be a “throwback” to previous game in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

• We dived in to the Archie versus Penders pre-trial report. There’s a lot to it, and Tristan wrote an excellent review of what’s being battled out. So yeah, go read it


The House of the Dead 3 was released on PSN, with trophy support and a HD facelift

• We go inside the pages of Sonic Universe #37, where Eggman is taken by surprise as his rule is threatened

• Microsoft’s Sonic 4: Episode II page showed off plenty of screenshots of the game before being pulled. Luckily, we got them just in time

Online co-op was confirmed for Episode II, Sonic 2 style.


• Microsoft removed the Episode II screenshots, and the uploaded them … again.

• shows a release date of May for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

• Eddie Lebron reveals more behind-the-scenes development of his upcoming Sonic film, showing off the 3D side of production


Famitsu teases a nearby Sonic 4: Episode II reveal, and we also snatched a component of what looks like the upcoming website for the game

• Nine new Episode II screenshots went live


Episode II was unveiled in Famitsu

• Concept Art Friday showed off a new polar bear enemy type

• In Fan Fridays we highlighted BloodyRenegadeX for his awesome Sonic animations (and not of the type you’re thinking)


• Of course, we finished the week with the games releasing across these seven days