Sonic Heroes Now Available on EU Playstation Store

Sonic Heroes Now Available on EU Playstation Store

by February 22, 2012

“PS2 Classic” Only Available in Europe for Now

From the Out of Left Field department comes the rather surprising news buried in a Playstation blog post from Europe that Sonic Heroes has been re-released to the PS Store in that region.

The digital download is available in all EU locations for €9.99 in most areas, and £7.99 in Britain–the equivalent of about $12-13.  The download will eat up 4.5 gigs of hard drive space.

There was no indication from Sega or anyone else this was in the pipeline.  In fact, just yesterday the Sega blog only plugged several deal US Playstation Plus customers were getting, and spoke nothing of Heroes.  It remains to be seen whether this release will be exclusive just to Playstation holders in Europe, but we will work to find out more information.

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(This article was amended to reflect the correct price point in the EU of €9.99; the previous price point given of €6.99 was incorrect. We regret the error.)