SouthBird unveils “Super Mario Bros. 3Mix”

SouthBird unveils “Super Mario Bros. 3Mix”

by February 23, 2012

Experience Mario’s extended legacy via SMB3

For those of you in the Sonic Community long enough, the name “Sonic Epoch” should ring a few bells. Once beginning life as a side-scrolling platformer on the PC celebrating Sonic’s Saturday Morning adventures with the freedom fighters, its tumultuous development history finally saw it land years later as a homebrew project for the Gameboy Advance.

Well, now the creator of Sonic Epoch – currently going by the name of “Southbird” – is back with a new project, Super Mario Bros. 3Mix. In his own words:

About 2.5 years ago I started doing a full disassembly of Super Mario Bros. 3, inspired by the many Sonic ones … well, about 6 months ago, I finally finished! (It was on and off again as time and interest allowed. :))

But before I went ahead and released it, I wanted to have a level editor that directly supported it and be the first one to make something with it, so here is the beginning of what I’m working on. It’s currently called “Super Mario Bros. 3Mix” and sort of works on taking things from other Mario games and mixing them backward (or forward) into SMB3.

With the announcement comes a fairly impressive preview video, showing a handful of levels and boss encounters:

(Can’t see the video? Click here)
For those of you interested in playing the two-world preview of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, Southbird has published an IPS patch on his website for the hack, with the promise of the Super Mario Bros. 3 disassembled source code coming “soon” (allowing anyone to make their own SMB3 hacks on the same scale as 3Mix, if they so choose). More information on patching can be found on the SMB3Mix site.