Tails Won’t Fly Solo in S4:E2

Tails Won’t Fly Solo in S4:E2

by February 23, 2012

Parker: “Tails is playable, but not in single player”

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II may at its core be a throwback to 1992’s Sonic 2, but the Genesis classic has what the upcoming digital title will not: the ability to only play as the two-tailed fox Tails.

“Tails is playable, but not in single player,” said Sega community manager Kellie Parker this afternoon on the Sega forums, in response to a member’s question.  “When playing single player, you play as Sonic and interact with Tails to progress through the levels. When you’re playing two player, one of you will play as Sonic and the other as Tails, and work together.”

No indication was given as to the possibility of unlocking Tails after completing the game, or via another secret method.

Keep in mind that Sega has been known to keep matters like this a secret until the very end of their promotion cycle, however, so don’t totally discount the possibility.  Still, given how we’re only a few months away from the game’s launch, don’t get your hopes up, either.