First Sonic 4: Episode II Footage Discovered

First Sonic 4: Episode II Footage Discovered

by February 27, 2012

Off Camera, But a Good Look at What to Expect

Below in our video box is footage that appears to be from the website Phandroid, showing Sonic 4: Episode II‘s Sylvania Castle Zone Act 1 running on what looks to be a demo of NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 mobile hardware (don’t be fooled by the use of the 360 controller; it appears that will be compatible with Tegra devices in some way, according to some of the conversation.)

S4:E2 was apparently demoed as part of a NVIDIA press event last night related to the ongoing Mobile World Congress convention in Barcelona, Spain.  The representative playing the game calls it an early build.

For most, it frankly won’t matter what the game’s running on, because despite it being off camera, you can see the game in action for the first time.  According to the Phandroid article, S4E2 may launch on Tegra enabled devices first, possibly as early as mid-April.

We’ll continue to track developments, but for now, opine away in the comments after watching the video.  This looks to have been shot within official capacities, so the good news is that we don’t expect Sega to have any issues with what’s below, but you never know.  Thanks to VizardJeffhog among others for tipping us.