Sega Makes Jet Set Radio Re-Release Official

Sega Makes Jet Set Radio Re-Release Official

by February 28, 2012

Summertime Launch Official for XBOX Live, PSN, PC

We told you this was in the works last September, and today, Sega made it official: Dreamcast cult classic Jet Set Radio will be re-released to many current systems.

“DJ Professor K, Beat, Gum, and all the GGs are taking to the streets in this upgraded HD version of Jet Set Radio, which sees players vying for control of the futuristic Tokyo-to by marking their turf with graffiti tagged across walls, billboards, and rival gang members,” read an announcement on the Sega blog.  “Jet Set Radio will be coming to XBLA, PSN, and Windows PC Digital Download this summer.”

Specific release windows were not disclosed.  That’s important particularly on the PC side; consider that Sonic CD was originally announced to launch for PC alongside the console editions in December, only to come out on Steam about a month later.

To mark the occasion, Sega announced a contest in which users are encouraged to submit digital graffiti.  Eighteen entries will ultimately be chosen and then used inside the game, with prizes going to the artists.  Details on that are available at this link.