Sonic 4: Episode II White Park Footage Emerges

Sonic 4: Episode II White Park Footage Emerges

by February 29, 2012

Includes Bad News for Homing Attack Haters

What’s in the video box below, which comes to us from the website, isn’t very much in terms of a good first look at Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II‘s White Park Zone.  But it is something, and that something again appears to be from the ongoing Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona.

For a few others more classically inclined, it may be more than something–it may be enough to turn their excitement off.  One thing we can make out from the off-camera footage is the required use of a homing attack chain across a string of Bubbles badniks in order to get past a bottomless pit, which the player unsuccessfully attempts.

Have a look below and afford your thoughts in the comments.  Thanks to Jansen McCord who tipped us on Twitter.