English Sonic 4 Website Updates to Reflect Episode II

English Sonic 4 Website Updates to Reflect Episode II

by March 1, 2012

Music, Story Details Unveiled

Just minutes ago, Sega updated the English Sonic 4 website portal to reflect the upcoming release of Episode II.

Visitors to the website will be greeted with a visually stimulating but incomplete look at the game’s world map, with character dossiers, peeks at a few badniks planned for the game, and the main storyline:

The fierce battle from Episode I was only an overture…
What was Dr. Eggman searching for in the Lost Labyrinth?
What was Mad Gear built for?
They were all a mere puzzle piece of a grandiose project schemed by Dr. Eggman.
As Little Planet, where “Sonic CD” took place, approaches Sonic’s world once again, Dr. Eggman’s whole scheme will be revealed!

You’ll also hear a bit of the game’s soundtrack, and it doesn’t appear the insturmentation infamous from Episode I will be changing.  Also, for the moment, there aren’t any new screenshots or other media as part of the unveiling, though we wonder if that will change with community data mining almost inevitable.  An HTML version is also available for those on iOS devices or otherwise without Flash capability.

Thanks to our many readers–too many to mention here–who tipped us off to this tidbit either through the News Tips E-Mail or on Twitter.