The News, Reviewed: February 26-March 4

The News, Reviewed: February 26-March 4

by March 4, 2012
I have a feeling this year is going to be huge



  • Kotaku EIC Totilo Apologizes for Sonic Column Farce: there was a…strange story over at Kotaku about a comedian – a lifelong Sonic fan – who succeeded in bringing girls back to his apartment despite plastering it completely with Sonic memorabilia (he had a Sonic bed, so go figure). The story caused a lot of controversy, so Kotaku’s Editor-in-Chief – Stephen Totilo – issued an apology
  • Even More Sonic 4: Episode II Footage Uncovered: Mobile World Congress was happening in Barcelona this week, and some outlets managed to capture Sonic 4 footage of both levels being shown off in the current demo
  • Jaleel White to Headline New “Dancing with the Stars” Season: ah, Jaleel White. why haven’t you been involved in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise again? Anyway, White is headlining a new Dancing with the Stars season. Yeah
  • Sega Makes Jet Set Radio Re-Release Official: yes. Yes. YES. Jet Set Radio is getting a HD release this Summer. Too bad I’ll never forget injuring myself when I went rollerblading that one time in the Summer



  • More S4:E2 White Park Footage emerged online, showing off more Sonic and Tails co-op action
  • English Sonic 4 Website Updates to Reflect Episode II: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I style, we have a new website showing off the first two zone of Episode II and the characters in the game. You can get a sample of the menu music, which has improved a little. Notice that large, rectangular square in the top right-hand corner?
  • Report: Sonic Merchandise Demand on the Rise: yes, people are buying Sonic merchandise. I’m not surprised, to be honest: I’ve been barraged with e-mails ever since I signed up to the damn site. Anyway, check it out. You might find some cool stuff you’d like to buy