GameInformer Publishes S4E2 Preview; Says Momentum is Improved

GameInformer Publishes S4E2 Preview; Says Momentum is Improved

by March 7, 2012

Previewer “Skeptical” But “Cautiously Optimistic” Before Unexplained Takedown

For a brief bit last night and earlier today, GameInformer’s Tim Turi had relatively positive things to say in his preview of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.  The problem is that as of this article’s publication, it’s gone without explanation.

It’s a good thing, then, that we saved portions of the preview so you can still pick it apart.  Almost right out of the gates, Turi’s assessment of one key physics gripe from Episode I stands out:

The alterations to the gameplay are immediately apparent. Sonic 4: Episode II reincorporates the Genesis titles’ trademark momentum, something that Episode I was lacking. Now taking a roll off a steep drop will keep the hedgehog rolling in a ball, and you’re not required to keep the analog stick pressed in the direction you want to roll. The entire game feels more fluid and less sticky this time around, allowing you to settle into the fast-paced flow the classic games are known for.

Turi says he played Sylvania Castle and White Park, the same two stages on display at Mobile World Congress.  Turi compared the areas to Sonic 3’s Marble Garden and Ice Cap Zone, respectively, and hinted that we may see some snowboarding sequences in the latter.  In all, Turi appeared pleased:

I went into my hands-on time with Sonic 4: Episode II skeptical. Sega has a way with getting me pumped for new Sonic games, only for me to taste bitter disappointment upon actually playing through a new title. Sonic Team really seems to be giving fans the game they want with Episode II, and the inclusion of two-player co-op makes the whole package a lot more intriguing. I like what little I’ve played so far, so color me cautiously optimistic to get my hands of the final game later this year.

For those still skeptical about S4E2’s strengths, do these words quell your fears any?  Speak up in the comments.  Thanks to Sonication for tipping us.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us.  Click Send Tips at the top of every page, or tip us on Twitter.