New Video: S4E2 GameTrailers Interview with Clean Footage

New Video: S4E2 GameTrailers Interview with Clean Footage

by March 14, 2012

Come for the Clarity, Stay for the Balough

Up to this point, much of the in-game footage we’ve seen of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II has been off-camera, shaky and not quite indicative of the visuals we should expect from the finished product.

That changed today when offered up another interview with Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough.  But the interview isn’t the noteworthy bit–it’s the clean gameplay footage interspersed in between.  The same zones–Sylvania Castle and White Park–are featured, but there are a few new areas among it all.  Above all else, the footage offers the cleanest look at the game yet, and you can tell there are plenty of visual improvements, large and small, from Episode I.

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