Sonic Boom Tickets On Sale Monday

Sonic Boom Tickets On Sale Monday

by March 14, 2012

$20 Nets a Crush 40 Concert, at Least

For the first time, you will be charged for the privilege of attending a major community event.

Though the Sega organized Sonic Boom event was free for the 20th anniversary last year and included an array of special guests, the Sega blog announced minutes ago that tickets for this year’s event will be sold for $20.  A quarter of that fee goes to TicketMaster, which is handling the sales.

In the announcement, Sega community manager Kellie Parker said the charge was to provide more at the show, including free food and two drinks, but also for for efficient planning purposes:

Last year, we had a separate line for people who wanted to get into Sonic Boom but didn’t have tickets. We did this because of the problem we mentioned before — we didn’t have an accurate headcount, and we wanted to let in as many people as we could. This year, we will NOT have a line for people without tickets. You must have a purchased ticket through TicketMaster to enter Sonic Boom.

On the upside, that fee will net you another live performance from Crush 40.  Today’s announcement confirmed the band will be back at Sonic Boom, with Cash Cash’s Jean Paul and Alex Makhlouf in tow.

It remains to be seen whether the UK equivalent event, Summer of Sonic, will follow with the fees.  You may remember a couple years ago when an SOS entrance fee was considered, but ultimately tabled.  Should Sega have more of a hand organizing this year’s show across the Atlantic, there is a real possibility talks of a fee may resurface.

We’ll keep following plans for this year’s Sonic Boom and Summer of Sonic.