Sonic ’06 Charity Endurance Race Raises Over $1,000

Sonic ’06 Charity Endurance Race Raises Over $1,000

by March 20, 2012

Simply Stated, Thank You

We can’t say it enough.  Thank you.

Sunday and early Monday morning’s Sonic 2006 Endurance Race raised over $1,000 to benefit Mercy Corps.  Donations made during the nearly 18 hour event, pared with some extra contributions after its conclusion, yielded $1,010.01 from a total of nearly sixty generous individuals.  That money will benefit ongoing relief efforts in Japan from last year’s earthquake and tsunami.

We thank all who participated in the event, from the donators to casual onlookers and especially the players–‘s Imran Khan, and our colleague Ryan Bloom.  We encourage you to visit Nitrobeard for a podcast wrap-up of the event.  As for Bloom, he wrote on his Tumblr about the experience:

Compared to some of the higher-profile charity events, $1000 isn’t a lot of money. But for two small guys on the internet for whom this sort of thing was their first time, $1000 may as well be a million. I couldn’t be more proud. We sat through almost 18 hours of one of the worst games of this generation and somehow managed to make it seem fun. Sonic 2006 has, in some weird way, done something right.

Speaking for myself, this was a very humbling experience to be a part of.  I make no claim of personal success with the fundraiser; I was simply approached with an idea, and asked to help promote it.  It is promising to know that, despite varying opinion of this site and me personally, it all could be set aside for a greater good.  I personally want to express my deep appreciation for that level of support.  Should this become a regular event for us, we hope to do even more with your help.

Thank you.