Bayonetta to Appear in Anarchy Reigns

Bayonetta to Appear in Anarchy Reigns

by March 21, 2012

A Crossover Between Platinum Properties

Sega has been doing a lot of crossing over lately with its IP, but the latest word out of Andriasang at least stays within the family.  Witch temptress Bayonetta will be appearing in a game beyond her self-titled debut–the Platinum Games developed brawler Anarchy Reigns.  The report cites the latest edition of Famitsu, which claims a formal announcement will be made later in the week.

Bayonetta will be playable in the game, which is expected to see release domestically during July.  The moves and abilities available to her are not yet known, though that should be cleared up before launch.

Bayonetta is not the only Platinum game to get a nod in Anarchy Reigns.  Several characters from MadWorld will also be playable fighters.