Prope Preparing “Social RPG” for Mobile Phones

Prope Preparing “Social RPG” for Mobile Phones

by March 23, 2012

Job Listing Offers Peek into Latest Naka Project

Forget WoW or Star Wars; it appears Yuji Naka’s PROPE development studio may be looking to evolve RPGs from the base MMO to truly social–and his team plans to do so on mobile phones.

A job listing Mr. Naka himself posted to Twitter last week linked to a page where the company sought a social media planning assistant for the currently unnamed RPG.  The Tweet labeled the game as a “social RPG,” in development for iOS and Android platforms.  A peek at some small screenshots on the job post itself indicate this may be fantasy based adventure.  But beyond that and word the part-time spot pays ¥850 an hour–a modest $10.30 in American dollars–nothing else has been revealed.

The RPG genre itself is not unfamiliar to the mobile platform, but for the most part the immerse interactive experience many MMOs enjoy on consoles and PCs is.  If Prope can go beyond the standard MMO formula and unleash a social experience on-the-go–an arena where players can connect and fight battles in real time, for example–this could be something special.

We will pass along anything further on this project.