UPDATE: Entire QA Department at Sega of America Cut

UPDATE: Entire QA Department at Sega of America Cut

by March 30, 2012

Marketing, Design, Social Divisions Also Impacted in Major Layoffs

After taking the brunt of the last round of layoffs, Sega of America is again in the crosshairs after this morning’s announcement from Sega Sammy Holdings hinting at belt tightening at the Consumer Business division.

The cuts apparently came quick and hard.  IGN’s Steven Hopper reports the entire QA department at SOA has been laid off.  In a nutshell, it means the North America game testers are gone.  Sega Europe will now handle QA for all Sega fare, according to the report.

The report also suggests layoffs were had in marketing, design, development, and social media departments.  While we’re not exactly sure where people like Aaron Webber, Ken Balough, and the community managers fall specifically in that hierarchy, if they themselves weren’t cut, they certainly know a lot of people who were.

UPDATE: TSSZ has learned recently installed Assistant Community Manager Kate Bryant, known in most circuits as Kate Burning, was cut today.

If you don’t think this is part of the ultimate impact on Sega games you’ll be able to play, this passage from the IGN report speaks for itself:

Our sources have revealed that any currently announced game that isn’t included on that list will not be published by SEGA, leaving a decent amount of the publisher’s upcoming publishing roster in jeopardy.

The entire TSSZ team is working to learn more details on this painful round of cuts.  We’ll be combing through our sources to bring you more information, and we will update once more becomes available–and if that means blowing to bits our planned April Fools feature on Sunday, so be it.