English Publication of Sonic History Book in Doubt?

English Publication of Sonic History Book in Doubt?

by April 5, 2012

Sluggish Sales of Other Works Yield Cold Feet

There are increasing signs an English translation of the Sonic History book from Pix’n Love Publishing may be in trouble, but it has little to do with the book itself, and more to do with the health of its publisher’s English language business in the UK.

Responding to questions posted on the publisher’s Facebook page the past couple of weeks, Pix’n Love rep Oliver Braillon warns that while the original French edition will go forward, there may not be enough of an incentive to publish in English.

“The book has been approved by SEGA, but since the sales of volume 2 are really disappointing, the release of the History of Sonic is delayed…” wrote Braillon in response to a fan’s question about the English language book’s status.  “I’m currently trying to advertise the book as much as I can to help boost the sales.  [….] But until business picks up, there won’t be more to come.”

Given how the response was penned on April 1st, it was easy to pass it off as a possible April Fools joke.  But with later responses on Facebook by Braillon indicating the same problem, it became clear that was not the case.  He indicates poor sales of Pix’n Love’s English translation of the History of Nintendo, Volume 2 as a possible reason the publisher’s gained cold feet.

“I’m talking about the History of Nintendo volume 2. Let’s just say every book brings money to launch the next one. Publishing a book costs money and we have to make sure it’s worth the investment,” Braillon explains.  “I do think the History of Sonic should be easy to sell, but we need some guarantees, you know.”

Braillon also says the English translation itself is finished, and Sega approved the book’s publication based on it.

“….Hence why it would be a shame not to have it published,” Braillon adds.

The idea of a E-book was also pitched by fans, and may be considered in lieu of a hard copy release.

We will update you on the now fragile status of the Sonic history book–at least for those native in English–as new information comes in.