UPDATE: New Sonic 4: Episode II Trailer Debuts

UPDATE: New Sonic 4: Episode II Trailer Debuts

by April 5, 2012

Mostly May Release Dates Also Confirmed

Minutes ago in a pre-recorded interview, Sonic 4 brand manager Ken Balough was on hand with Gamespot’s On the Spot streaming video program to reveal a new trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, as well as offer final release dates for the game.

While we don’t have the trailer in video form just yet due to its exclusivity to Gamespot, we did capture a couple of admittedly imperfect shots and they are in the gallery below.   The trailer itself focused on a third sandy like oil rig zone that a previous batch of screenshots spoiled, as well as the Episode Metal content. We hope to have an embed of the proper trailer shortly.

UPDATE: And, for the moment, here is that trailer, recorded by a third party.

As for the release dates, Balough confirmed the game will be out first on XBOX Live May 15th, followed by the Playstation Network the next day on May 16th.  A not yet concrete May release is in the cards for Tegra 3 enabled Android devices, iOS, and PC digital download.  The next month, regular Android phones get it, and in July, Episode II will come to Windows Phone 7.