Sonic 4: Episode II’s Combo Moves Explained

Sonic 4: Episode II’s Combo Moves Explained

by April 17, 2012

Along With a Few More Screenshots

Today, the Sony Playstation blog went into a bit more detail on how collaborative play in Sonic 4: Episode II will work.

The basic set of moves between Sonic and Tails were covered, and while there were hints of more to come, you’ve likely seen two out of the three basic moves in action.  While the rolling and copter combo have been mainstays throughout the game’s promotion, we’ve only seen little about the submarine combo, used underwater:

[….] The Submarine Combo allows players to overcome Sonic’s big weakness, his inability to swim. Tails can now pick up Sonic and swim through the water scuba style, meaning that Sonic now has a way to speed through the underwater parts of a level. Meaning that whilst you still need to collect those all-important air bubbles to stay alive, you’re in much less of a hurry thanks to Tails support.

Along with the briefing came a couple of released screenshots, some new and some in better quality.  Those are in the gallery below.  Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.