Taxman Approached for S2HD Help, Says Team Member

Taxman Approached for S2HD Help, Says Team Member

by April 19, 2012

Before You Get Excited, Read Whitehead’s Remarks

Perhaps the Sonic 2 HD fan project’s recent downfall could have been avoided had the team went in a different direction with programming months ago.  It turns out that was at least being considered, with one former S2HD staffer alleging Christian Whitehead, known in the community as The Taxman, was approached about the project.

“Taxman was very interested!” said former S2HD team member Cerulean Nights last night on the Sonic Retro forums.  “Unfortunately by the time we found that out I had already pretty much fully moved on in life (moved across the country, started a business, etc) and simply didn’t have the time to devote to S2HD anymore. I stayed on staff as a sort of ‘board of directors’ but didn’t do any work beyond that.”

You may recall that Whitehead, in large part, was behind the recent official re-release of Sonic CD.  He nabbed the job after posting a proof-of-concept with SCD running on iOS back in 2009.  The concept ran on his homegrown Retro Engine.

Whitehead quickly showed up to the forums to clarify that statement.  He said he was approached, but it didn’t go much beyond that:

Before everyone jumps the gun, I simply gave them a quote as to how long it would take to develop the equivalent demo with my own tech and the cost etc. As Cerulean Nights said, the team had already disbanded at that point to work on new endeavours, and unfortunately I don’t have time to fiddle around with hobby projects anymore.

Whitehead also called the S2HD demo release “commendable,” in terms of reaching that point.