Those Who Nabbed S4E2 Leak on Steam “Did So Legitimately,” Says Parker

Those Who Nabbed S4E2 Leak on Steam “Did So Legitimately,” Says Parker

by April 21, 2012

“It’s not fair to punish people for that,” says CM

You may be wondering why all the Youtube video and music circulating from this morning’s Sonic 4: Episode II beta leak still exists at this hour.  It turns out Sega’s community team–typically brute enforcers of Sega’s IP rights in times like these–have made a conscious decision not to wield the hammer.

Unlike the complete video leak of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I, which was attributed to a player’s unauthorized access on PartnerNET, Sega community manager Kellie Parker has acknowledged on the company’s forums that this leak was the result of a legitimate, legal obtainment when users who pre-ordered Episode II on Steam were mistakenly and briefly granted access to a beta copy of the game.

“It is unfortunate that this happened, but everyone who obtained the game did so legitimately with no stealing, hacking, or other questionable behavior,” Parker wrote in one post.  “It’s not fair to punish people for that.”

“We will not be removing these posts or banning people who post them,” Parker continued in an earlier post addressing policy on the Sega forums.  “We’re simply asking, as a favor to us, for people not to post them.”

It’s a complete procedural 180 from the Episode I leak, which resulted in an array of takedown notices and legal methods used to contain the leak.  When we spoke to Sega of America’s then marketing VP Sean Ratcliffe about that leak in 2010, he said efforts were underway to apprehend the video leaker.  It’s not clear whether those efforts proved successful.  But then again, the reaction to this release has turned around as well, with many fans quite pleased at what they’ve seen so far out of Episode II.

That said, we have seen a report or two claiming the beta leak can be played without the use of Steam.  That will mean at least some players will be able to keep plugging along on Episode II right up until the game’s formal Steam launch on May 15th.  We will continue to relay anything of note from the leak here.