“To be Continued” Allegedly Found in S4E2 Beta Assets

“To be Continued” Allegedly Found in S4E2 Beta Assets

by April 23, 2012

Does this Cement Episode III Murmurs?

Given some fans’ almost immediate desire for data mining, it’s almost surprising to see this take so long to pop up after Saturday’s accidental beta release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.

Take a look below at the video released today by Russian Sonic scener Mefiresu.  You’ll see an alleged partial data dump of S4E2’s PC assets in process.  But it’s the part at the end we’re most concerned about.  After a series of extractions from the Staff Roll folder, we’re treated to a single transparent image, one that could spur hopes the Sonic 4 series is not done.  It reads, in all caps, To Be Continued.

You may remember when Takashi Iizuka alleged that, for now, Episode II would be the last in this series.  Since that interview, however, there has been some discussion to the contrary, including from Sonic 4 brand manager Ken Balough.  The data dump certainly looks legitimate despite the graphic not showing up in any proper end credits from the beta posted online to date, and our friends at Sonic Paradise have independently confirmed this graphic does exist as part of the data assets.  But is this the smoking gun?  Remember that this is coming from a close but technically incomplete copy of the game.

We’ll keep tabs on further developments.