Balough: S4E2 Beta Release Won’t Impact Proper May Release

Balough: S4E2 Beta Release Won’t Impact Proper May Release

by April 24, 2012

Proper Advertising Also Planned

If you thought last Saturday’s accidental release of a Sonic 4: Episode II beta to Steam users would either push ahead or back a planned rollout beginning in May…don’t.

That was confirmed on Monday by brand manager Ken Balough on the Sega forums.

“We will not move the date up actually,” Balough said.  “We have a really good plan with our partners at Apple, Microsoft, Sony, etc to have a terrific launch – and we hope to keep it.”

Balough also said that in San Francisco at least, Sega plans to get the word out about Episode II in the form of billboard advertising–a single billboard.

“For the first time since the days of the Dreamcast – we at Sega are doing a billboard campaign. So if you are driving into San Francisco from the Bay Bridge, you’ll see a HUGE Sonic 4 Episode II billboard as you come into the city,” Balough elaborated.  “It’s gonna look awesome! ”

It’s not clear whether said billboard will be seen in other cities.

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