Inside the Pages: Sonic Select #5, Sonic Super Special #3

Inside the Pages: Sonic Select #5, Sonic Super Special #3

by April 26, 2012

From Kids to Comebacks

Through IGN, Archie Comics today released previews for a pair of compilations: Sonic Select‘s book five and Sonic Super Special’s third magazine.

The former collects five previous Sonic Super Special issues, many of them having to do with Sonic and the Freedom Fighters’ younger days.  Meanwhile, the third Sonic Super Special magazine includes an original backstory to Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II written by Ian Flynn.  Issues 25, 176, 213, and 214 are also part of the issue, along with a specific S4E2 preview separate from the story.

We’ve relayed the cover and first five pages from both issues below, follow Archie’s formal synopses.


By various, cover by Patrick Spaziante.

Blast into the past at Sonic speed with this flashback-themed edition of the hugely successful Sonic Select graphic novel series! You’ll catch the early adventures that turned Sonic and the Freedom Fighters into the heroes they are today! From the founding of the team to the secret past between Princess Sally and Knuckles — it’s all here! Sonic Select 5 collects stories from Sonic Super Specials #5, 8, 9, and 11.

128 pages, $11.99.


(W/A) Various (CA) Ben Bates
Sonic Super Special Magazine is back and better than ever! The first Sonic comic magazine in Archie history, already packed with over 100 pages of comics, news, and features, will also feature a brand-new Sonic Video-Game story! Sega’s hottest new game is getting the comic book treatment, and it’s only available in this deluxe, magazine-sized, quarterly collection! Also featured is the dramatic return of Dr. Eggman, the birth of New Mobotropolis and the new Sonic Time Line, which features more new art from fan-favorite artists Jamal Peppers and Tracy Yardley!