Report: Planned Bayonetta Sequel Scrapped

Report: Planned Bayonetta Sequel Scrapped

by May 1, 2012

“Hey! I’m not dead yet! You can’t take me like this!”

This isn’t quite the way we like to say that we told you so.  A report published Monday by, cited as rumor, indeed indicates a follow-up to Bayonetta was in the works by Platinum Games, but given the current climate Sega is in, it will not see the light of day.

We first told you about the plans back in September.  The Spong report fills in the blanks some, adding a new US military based character to the roster.  Such specific information suggests the game may have been, at minimum, in a pre-production stage.  In addition, this almost certainly means the animated component we told you would complement any follow-up is tabled as well.

Bayonetta was released in 2010, but very positive reviews did not translate into stellar sales.