Report: English Pix’N Love Sonic Book Planned for June Release

Report: English Pix’N Love Sonic Book Planned for June Release

by May 2, 2012

Spokesman Who Warned of Trouble Clears the Air

Fans hoping for an English language publication of the Pix’n Love Sonic history book can get their hopes up again.

A report from The Sonic Stadium cites contact with company spokesperson Oliver Braillon, who clarified some statements he made on the Pix’N Love Facebook page concerning the state of the publication.

“There were indeed a few setbacks with the release,” Braillon said.  “But I am very pleased to confirm that the book WILL be published and it should be available at the end of June.”

The setbacks Braillon refers to were remarks he made on Facebook that appeared to tie any hope of the book’s release to sales of a recently released Nintendo history compilation.  Those comments have since been removed from the English Pix’n Love Facebook page.

“Let’s just say every book brings money to launch the next one.  Publishing a book costs money and we have to make sure it’s worth the investment,” Braillon said at the time.  “I do think the History of Sonic should be easy to sell, but we need some guarantees, you know.”

This time around, Braillon also assured those who pre-ordered the original French edition book that they are indeed shipping.  Those inside France should get the book by the end of the week, with international orders making it to doorsteps beginning next week.