Report: ASR Transformed Team Swore Off MK7…Literally

Report: ASR Transformed Team Swore Off MK7…Literally

by May 8, 2012

“No Fucking Way” Were the Alleged Words Upon Nintendo’s Announcement

To date, perhaps the largest complaint about what little we know of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is that it looks to piggyback off the success of the Mario Kart series, and in particular the air and water gimmicks introduced in Mario Kart 7.

You don’t need to remind the team at Sumo Digital about that; for them, it was an unfortunate circumstance as they learned of MK7 as most of the rest of the world did–during a reveal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  But the twist, according to a report from Games™, is that Sumo were already well into development on ASR Transformed, complete with air and water travel.

Sumo’s Jem Lee sets up the E3 situation:

We were sitting in a meeting room at work watching the E3 conferences and Nintendo came on and we all wondered if they’d be doing a new Mario Kart. Then they had a montage of things and you had a kart sprout wings, and we all looked around the room, and then you saw a car go into water and we were all like “no fucking way!”  But then they went into each one in depth, and and although it’s kind of flying, it’s more falling with style because we’d discussed something similar to that in pre-production as we were trying to work out how to get these three modes in and we called it falling with style as you’re always falling but you have some choice. Whereas the driving under water… that’s not boating.

Lee says ASR Transformed takes the concepts inadvertently introduced to the world via MK7, and goes full-throttle with flying and boating inside a game that has been in production for the last year and a half.  More can be read at the above cited link, and we should get our first major look at the game if not at E3 2012 the first full week of June, then in the 123rd issue of Games™, out the same week.