ASR Transformed, Lycett on Board for SOS, Sonic Boom

ASR Transformed, Lycett on Board for SOS, Sonic Boom

by May 9, 2012

Play the Game and Meet a Mastermind at Both Shows

Minutes ago, organizers for the 2012 Summer of Sonic convention announced that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be at the Brighton, UK based show–along with the game’s EP, Steve Lycett.

“It’s the long-awaited sequel to the hugely successful Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing – and you get to play it before anyone else on July 7th!” read the SOS announcement.

But there’s more.  Lycett and ASR Transformed will then make the trip over to California for the Sonic Boom event, held the following Friday in San Diego.  A post on the Sega blog confirms this information.

TSSZ will afford coverage of both events this year.  Jonathan Charles will be based in Brighton during Summer of Sonic, and Shayne Edwards of our affiliate will be covering Sonic Boom for us.  There is, apparently, more to come from both shows, so we’ll be sure to relay those details here as they are revealed.