OXM: 7.5/10 for Sonic 4: Episode II

OXM: 7.5/10 for Sonic 4: Episode II

by May 10, 2012

Co-Op, Underwater Areas Criticized

The second review in for Sonic the Hedgehog 4‘s latest episode should help you feel a little better after reading the 5.0 doled out yesterday.

A 7.5 out of 10 was awarded to Sonic 4: Episode II by Official XBOX Magazine‘s Dave Rudden.  Despite crying foul at the increased difficulty underwater, and a messy co-op, he called the game “a return to form” in his brief review:

Having spent more time with Sonic the Hedgehog than with my own family members over the last six months or so, my recent playthrough of 2010’s Sonic 4, Episode I highlighted the stark differences between its herky-jerky controls and the blue blur’s better efforts from 2011 (Sonic Generations and Sonic CD). Fortunately, Sonic 4, Episode II manages to mix the best of our hero’s HD outings to create a suitable second chapter for this downloadable series.

While a strong score, it is still lower than what the OXM team gave Episode I.  There, an 8 out of 10 was awarded, albeit by a different staff member.  So, for the moment, Episode II is reviewing lower in the press than Episode I is.  More reviews should start rolling in over the next couple of days, however.