Sega Sammy Releases New Generations, M&S 2012 Sales Figures

Sega Sammy Releases New Generations, M&S 2012 Sales Figures

by May 11, 2012

M&S 2012 Hits 3 Million; Generations…Doesn’t

Included in Sega Sammy’s FY2012 earnings report today are updated sales figures for both Sonic Generations and Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  The figures are valid through March 31st of this year.

With the actual London Olympics yet to be held, M&S still has some legs.  Sega Sammy reports 3.28 million units have been sold to date since the November launch.  That means about 900,000 more units of the game have moved between Wii and 3DS since the beginning of the year.  It’s very likely the game will still have legs through the Summer months.

Meanwhile, Sonic Generations appears to have lost its Holiday steam.  While total sales across all consoles have topped 1.85 million, that means less than a quarter million units of the game have sold since the Holidays.  With growth that slow, any hope fans may have of additional DLC for the game will almost certainly diminish.

We may get a better idea of where things stand with Sega’s sales and its future when company suits meet on Monday.