“Windmill Isle” Test for Sonic Generations PC released

“Windmill Isle” Test for Sonic Generations PC released

by May 13, 2012

Try Sonic Unleashed on your PC

It’s been a long time coming – Sonic Retro user Dario FF has been teasing the ability to port Sonic Unleashed levels to the PC version of Sonic Generations for months now, as he slowly and methodically reverse-engineered the Hedgehog Engine to make it a possibility. The first fruits of those labors have finally been released, in the form of the “Windmill Isle Act 1 Public Hardware Test #1”. As one might expect, the stage provided is Sonic Unleashed‘s tutorial level. The map comes pre-packaged with Korama’s CPKREDIR software, which allows easy installation of Sonic Generations PC mods without overwriting current game data.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

These are the files for playing Windmill Isle Act 1 in place of the Green Hill Zone level slot.

This demo is merely for testing purposes and checking to see if it runs in as many systems as possible. If enough systems have satisfactory performance, we’ll go ahead and start converting all the stages, aiming for the final state of them.


  • Dario FF, Chimera, and TwilightZoney, community members from sonicretro.org, main developers.
  • Additional Help from JoeTE(SonicRetro or SSMB) for song ripping.
  • Special thanks to Korama from sonicretro.org for CPKREDIR, the solution we’ll be using and testing for mod distribution.
  • Also thanks to MainMemory for developing Generations Archive Editor, which is pretty much the main tool used for developing, and is currently used by SonicGLvl.

The Sonic Retro forum post for the stage contains download links, installation instructions, and more, so go check it out.

Thanks to TimmiT for the heads up.