Sega to Introduce 20 Mobile, Social Games in FY2013

Sega to Introduce 20 Mobile, Social Games in FY2013

by May 17, 2012

Sega Getting Serious About Strategy Shift

The more detailed presentation of Sega Sammy’s fiscal year earnings report and forecast was made available by the company this week.  Hidden deep within the report is assured confirmation that Sega is eyeing a shift to digital products over traditional physical media.

Sega Sammy’s consumer business division–the one Sega is a part of–plans to introduce “more than 20 titles for new smartphone games and social games,” according to the report.  Contrast that to a significant decrease in overall launched titles for the current fiscal year to 24 from 45.  While all introduced digital fare won’t necessarily be launched titles, it does mean the shift to digital is on in a big way.

Interesting enough, only a few titles are listed as major launches for Sega, and ASR Transformed is not one of them.  Sega lists Alien: Colonial Marines, Yakuza 5, and a new Hatsune Miku project among its major packaged fare for FY2013.  Phantasy Star Online 2 is listed among major digital fare.

The report also states Sega Sammy is set to focus on major games that will do well in both Japan and domestic markets.  That means Sonic is safe, but arguably, the two markets cater to very different audiences, and it will be interesting to see where the line is drawn on future physical games.

By the way, Sega Sammy stock on the pink sheets is hovering pretty close to a 52 week low, at $4.56 a share.