Spiral Knights Hits 3 Million Users

Spiral Knights Hits 3 Million Users

by May 17, 2012

A Growing Success for Sega

It has only been a bit over a year since Three Rings Design MMO Spiral Knights saw a proper release.  But today, Sega had good news to report about the game.  Its three millionth user joined in on the free to play title.

“To have seen this game grow from an infant Knight in its earliest alpha stage to a cool one million — and now to hit three million (and growing) accounts just a year after release, is definitely special,” read Sega’s announcement regarding the milestone today.

Sega will continue to support Spiral Knights in the near future with new levels, additional combat, new guild features, and more.  Success here bodes well for the future of Phantasy Star Online 2, another MMO that will be released by Sega under the free to play business model.