S4E2 for Mobile Selling Poorly, Despite Better Reviews

S4E2 for Mobile Selling Poorly, Despite Better Reviews

by May 18, 2012

A Tough Road Ahead?

Opinion is souring on console edition of Sonic 4: Episode II–the Metacritic average has in fact dropped a point or two since our story Wednesday–and it now appears that is rubbing off on several mobile platforms.

The game has started a slow climb up the charts on iPhone, while that process is accelerated somewhat on the iPad.  Regular tipster AugieD says that as of mid-morning, S4E2 stood 34th on the top sales charts on iPhone, while on iPad, the game has climbed to 13th.  Last night at the 24 hour mark, those numbers were at 44th and 20th, respectively.  That is a far cry from the 24 hour numbers for Episode I, in which the game hit 16th in top paid apps, and #2 in the top grossing category–and that was with a $10 price point.  The numbers are also nowhere near the sales surge that occurred during Sonic CD’s introductory mobile price of $1.99, though that title had been released during the Holiday season.

It’s even worse on Tegra 3 devices, which received an exclusivity period among Android enabled mobile devices.  Both a free demo and the full version of S4E2 have seen less than 500 downloads each, according to Google Play data.

Such disappointment comes amid rather positive reviews for S4E2 on mobile versus consoles.  TouchArcade gave the game a 4 out of 5, while SlidetoPlay awarded S4E2 its Good rating.  We will see if the weekend helps out any, but right now, Episode II on mobile is off to a very slow start.  We very well could see a price drop to coincide with Memorial Day weekend if the tide doesn’t turn.