Rumor Alert: Anonymous Sega Employees discuss projects?

Rumor Alert: Anonymous Sega Employees discuss projects?

by May 19, 2012

Could this be a window in to Sega’s future?

We post a handful rumors here at TSSZ News – some with varying degrees of certainty. The important thing to remember, however, is that rumors can and sometimes are totally off the mark – that is why they are largely considered rumors. These are not reports of things that will definitively happen in the future, but merely one of many different possibilities – and today, we have quite a doozy.

Or, should I say, doozies. 4chan is typically a place of chaos and anarchy, but on at least one occasion, yielded what might have been legitimate information from a Sega employee coyly posting under the pseudonym “Wentos The Traveling Salesman”. In retrospect, many of Wentos’ original claims were vague enough that we may never know if he was lying through his teeth or providing legitimate information, but it certainly made for some fun speculation – and now, we’ve received multiple news tips regarding yet another supposed Sega employee spilling what he knows about the company’s future endeavors on 4chan’s /v/ imageboard.

As should be obvious by now, we ask that you treat the following information with a heavy dose of skepticism.

Going under the title of “Segafag”, this user spoke at length over future plans for Sonic Generations DLC, upcoming digital re-releases of Dreamcast games, and the possibility of Shenmue 3. You can try to dig through the archived thread at your own risk, or allow us to pull out some choice quotes:

Q: give me a date on jet set radio PC
A: I’m not that high on the ladder. Think it’s somewhere in mid-july though.

Q: Skies of Arcadia hitting PSN/XBLA/Steam?
A: It’s in the works. Won’t be coming till 2013 at the earliest though.

Q: Can you give us any info on the supposed revamp of the sonic series? Do you know any of the changes that will be made?
A: They’re working on coming up with a mix in gameplay between adventure and colors/generations styles, might just stick with the current one though. Plans to scrap various friends (mostly ones that are from post-adventure, though a few like blaze and cream will be sticking around).

Oh, and online chao gardens. Think My Dream from Journey of Dreams only, you know, less retarded. And more Chao-gardeny.

Q: Will Ristar at least be in the new Sega racing game?
A: He cameos, but isn’t a racer.

Q: Any hints on Generations DLC?
A: Don’t want to get into too many details but expect two genesis levels and two current gen levels.

Q: Any possibility on shining force 3 or other saturn games getting rereleased on psn/xbla?
A:If it’s possible it isn’t being pursued. There’s talk of bringing NiGHTS over but if it is they say it’ll be the PS2 version.

Q: Was there ever any progress on Shenmue 3?
A: Not really, if you mean an older build. Main reason there’s plans to bring Shenmue/possibly the second to PSN/XBLA/Steam are to see interest in a third one so who knows.

Q: Do you know what stages will be [Sonic Generations] DLC?
A: Only hints you’re getting is that one is a casino/carnival style level, and that all four (previously mentioned 2 from genesis era and 2 from modern) are different styles.
Q: are the stages gonna be sold as a pack or individually
A: 3 packs, genesis, modern, and complete.
Q: Please let that be true. I would love Flying Battery as one of the Genesis stages. Is one of the stages From Sonic CD?
A: Let’s just say it was hard finding a way to make a sonic CD level work with the classic/modern idea because half the guys on it wanted to just have it be like in CD and the other half wanted it to switch from classic to modern.

Q: phantasy star 2 in the US??????
A: Yeah PSO2’s coming stateside.

Q: When will bring back the chao gardens in sonic? And will we ever see a Sonic Adventure 3?
A: Probably not for three or so more years, I guess. It (along with a lot of things I’ve discussed regarding sonic) is being worked on at the moment, and nothing’s truly set in stone. We want to finish Dimensions before implementing such changes. On that note, don’t expect any new friends from dimensions, unless you count recolors.

Q: How did you get a job at Sega, and how long have you been there? Are you happy there?
A: I just sent in a job application like any normal human being. Roughly six-seven years now I think.
Q: Btw what exactly is your job at sega? art? programming? cleaning?
A: Mostly planning and overseeing stuff but I do programming occasionally too. Working on a Wii U title mostly right now.

Q: Are there going to be any future Sonic Rush games for the 3DS? What would be really cool is if you guys made some 3DS Sonic games more akin to the classic genesis series.
A: Yeah there’s gonna be another Rush on the 3DS. Not really planned out yet, being saved for after the post-dimensions changes. Will probably have Blaze, that said.

Q:Where’s Valkyria Chronicles 3, why the shit havent you allowed anyone to localize it, they all want it and are willing to take the risk, just let them jesus christ. It’s not like Sega’s gonna make money off the PSP anymore.
A: Won’t sell and not worth the trouble. Also because now we don’t really have the staff lying around to pull that off if we wanted to, considering how little reason there is to bother.

I just realized how late it’s getting. Damn, I’m gonna head to sleep. See you all later.

Oh, one last thing. level list for generations DLC is Ice Cap, Hidden Palace, Starlight Carnival, and Dragon Road.

Another /v/ thread from a supposed Sega employee cropped up no less than 24 hours later, possibly from the same person. Unfortunately, an archive of this thread has not been obtained, but Sonikdude101 does his best to explain what the thread apparently entailed:

The first request said was “Prove you’re a Sega employee”, he answered with “My name is in the Sonic 4: EP 2 credits. That’s all you’re getting.” That’s about all I can offer on validity. I was on my Android Tablet, so I was not able to get screencaps, unfortunately, I was able to jot down just about everything that he said though, so there’s that. When asked how about how he’s getting this information: “I consider myself to be decently high on the chain of command, to the point where I’m getting news from the main HQ every other week”

I’ll start with the Sonic news, I suppose. ASRT is up first: “Arle and Ulala are in.” This bit of info conflicts with what your source said “Nights and Ristar have cameos only, we lobbied hard to get them in there, but it’s just Isn’t happening unfortunately.”

On a Wii U version: “No plans. But If a third All-Stars doesn’t happen, it’ll likely be ported.”

On Sonic Adventure 2 being released: “It’s being considered. Not in the next Dreamcast batch, but the one after is definitely a possibility”

On why Sonic Adventure 3 isn’t going to be made: “The main reason I’m being told SA3 isn’t being made is because the higher ups think that since the gameplay’s changed so much since then, that It wouldn’t bet fair to that series. They think others simply don’t want a game with the friends involved or cut up sections like in SA2”

On Taxman’s next project and the future of Retro Engine: “Nothing’s in development right now, but we do have the engine up and running. And I’m sure it’ll be used for something eventually.”

On who wrote the story for Sonic 06: “As the story goes, there were seven main writers, the first few were fired, others moved around to different projects, one just went flat out “fuck this” and left the company even.”

Sonic Generations DLC: “Four new stages are in development. It’s a very well hidden secret. I don’t want to give you the cold shoulder though. I’ll give you a hint, one’s from Colors. When asked if Stardust Speedway could be in, he answered with Maybe, maybe not”

On the Wii U and the Sonic game coming to the system: “Not much to say about the Wii U, really. We’ve got three titles in development Aliens, another title, and a Sonic game. Don’t really know what to say about the Sonic title, should be running on the Hedgehog Engine, or something close. Tails being playable is a maybe. 2013 is all I’ve been given on a release date”

On the reboot, which he’s calling a “revamp”, which may not be as extreme as we thought (I asked him this question): “Whoever TSSZ’s source is, he’s legit. But the info described there is quite a bit outdated. Sonic Team’s working on changing the Sonic formula dramatically by removal of most of the supporting cast from canon, but Sonic and are NOT getting redesigns. From what I’m hearing, the gameplay’s either going to stay the same or it’ll be a mixture of the Adventure and Unleashed playstyles.”

That’s about all we were told on the Sonic front. On PSO2’s localization: “Not much to say, except that it’s being translated. I want to say winter, but I’m not sure”

On the first Shenmue rerelease: “Winter. The second, depending on sales. Wheter the series will continue, sales will have to determine that”

On Jet Set Radio’s future: “Like I said about Shenmue. Sales are going determine what’s Sega does with the property” One thing I’m hearin they’re going to do with the Wii U is bring back another fan favorite, long forgotten franchise, like they did with Nights on the Wii”

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg: “No platforms as of yet. All I know Is that it’s coming.”

Sega’s stance on PC gaming: “Some people here just flat out don’t think PC is viable, because they’re afraid of pirates or something I’m not sure. Another large sect just doesn’t care since they figure most money can get milked from consoles than PC and it isn’t worth the trouble. I think it’s bullshit personally but still.”

Sega at E3: “Don’t expect any big, new game announcements, really. Just new ASRT and Aliens trailers.” That’s just about all the info I’ve got.

With all of this in mind, what do you think of these rumors? It’s easy for one to say that they want to believe rumors like these, but what makes me personally think twice is the idea that Sega intends to port Shenmue and Shenmue 2 to XBLA/PSN in order to gauge interest in finally creating Shenmue 3. That is the first sign that what this guy is saying might be too good to be true – especially when you consider the problematic financial state Sega’s in today, and the high price attached to producing the original Shenmue games back in 2000. Could this guy be legitimate, or are all of these simply educated guesses?

Big thanks to those who sent in news tips about these posts.