Debut Trailer for Sega and Double Fine’s “The Cave”

Debut Trailer for Sega and Double Fine’s “The Cave”

by May 24, 2012

What Those Mysterious Pics on Sega’s Flickr Were All About

Earlier this week, we received a couple news tips concerning some mysterious imagery spotted on Sega’s Flickr account, the full version of which can be seen in our header.  A couple of you thought it may have been related to a Sonic storybook title, but other smart sleuths determined it was a tease for Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert’s next project.  Those in the latter were right, and today, an announcement trailer that you can see below confirms it.

The new game, called The Cave, is developed by Double Fine and will be published by Sega.  At the heart of the game is a talking cave, which sets the scene for character based adventure and puzzle fare.  A preview published today by Destructoid says both characters and puzzles can get a bit weird:

One of the puzzles shown consisted of the Scientist, Knight, and Hillbilly. At a particular area of the Cave, a giant, fire-breathing monster blocked their path (discovered after the lovelorn yokel was fried to a crisp). Just before the monster lay a spiked pit filled with bones, and above it hung the giant arm of a crane, which lowered into the pit and hoisted up whatever remains it could grab. To lure the monster to the pit, though, the Scientist had to reactivate a vending machine (which read “OMDOGGG!”) with a bucket of water, subsequently providing a plump, juicy sausage. She put the frank on a spike in the pit, the monster began gnawing away at it, and then bam. The crane pulled the then-yelping and squealing beast out of harm’s way.

Take a look at some of the footage below.  We should note there is a bit of German within, though none of it detracts from the gameplay footage.  The Cave is expected to see release in 2013, and we’ll update you on any important developments on the road to that release.