Second Wave of SOS Tickets Grabbed in 48 Seconds

Second Wave of SOS Tickets Grabbed in 48 Seconds

by May 25, 2012

“We are all as astonished as you guys,” Say Organizers

What might as well be considered a de facto Millionaire Fastest Finger competition happened today within community confines.  The prize wasn’t a million bucks, however; it was a coveted pass to this year’s Summer of Sonic convention in the UK.

Organizers confirm the 200 tickets up for grabs were gone in 48 seconds.  That’s despite a two ticket per order limit imposed on this round.

“Incredibly sorry to those who weren’t fast enough to obtain a ticket this time around,” SOS admins Tweeted after the tickets were gone.  “But, nobody could have expected this year’s event to be THIS popular! You guys are ALL truly amazing Sonic fans!  We are all as astonished as you guys – you all want to come and we simply don’t have room! It’s not that we don’t love you all equally!”

A third wave of tickets has been announced, however details on when those tickets will be available still have not been disclosed.  We will pass along those details when they are made available.