ASR Toys Aren’t Giving Clues for Transformed, Says Lycett

ASR Toys Aren’t Giving Clues for Transformed, Says Lycett

by May 28, 2012

“The Wrong Car” Seen in Meccano’s Latest Toys

There have, apparently, been a lot of signs of what to expect in the upcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  The game was in effect given away when a retailer posted pre-orders for it months prior to an official announcement.  Several ASR themed toys have also been spotted in development of late, at the New York Toy Fair and elsewhere, that reports have claimed show the types of zones and vehicles to expect in this latest iteration.

But just because that kind of philosophy held up in the past doesn’t necessarily mean it does in the present.  Case in point: Sumo’s Steve Lycett injected the following remark in an ongoing Sega forum thread about those new ASR toys, and in particular Meccano’s Green Hill themed concept with Sonic in tow:

I know we tend to hide in the Sumo thread, but I thought I’d point out that this confirms nothing about the game – especially as it’s the wrong car =)

When you pair that with various bits of information coming in that suggests our source was off when speaking about Ristar in the next ASR, along with Lycett himself being known to throw others off a scent, it can only mean this: Everybody’s wrong about everything.  Hopefully, the air will clear up around E3.